Peter Tomaž Dobrila: PEGLA/IRON
multimedia for housekeepers of both sexes, intermedia event

Alen Breznik Flip: graphic and sound interface design
Uroš Indihar: computer programming for several irons
Roman Šegula: iron upgrade

PEGLA – when ironing is relaxation, fun and pleasure
PEGLA – when ironing is sociable, joyful and happy
PEGLA – when ironing is visible, audible and educative





PEGLA again provides ironing with sociability, joy and happiness... ironing is fun!

PEGLA /IRON is an intermedia installation of interactive ironing using computer supported multimedia and the Internet. It is highly suitable for practical use at home and in housekeeping. It is composed of a standard iron and ironing board, both modified into interfaces - the iron assumes the role of mouse and the ironing boards of mouse pad - that can be used for drawing, creating music or browsing the Internet.

PEGLA can also be a performance realised as a concert and live drawing, either as an individual or a group - PEGLA orchestra. At the same time you can print your works of art and hang them on the wall to show them proudly to your family, friends and neighbours. You can compose your favourite tune and draw the most beautiful picture to make the whole family proud. Even greater pleasure will be ensured by common music playing and drawing, both locally within the family as well as through the Internet with friends, neighbours and acquaintances.

PEGLA at the same time enables us to learn ironing as the software interface can be used to learn ironing at various levels, from the easiest one (sheet) through various levels (trousers, skirts, blouses) to the most difficult one (plissé female blouse).With PEGLA we bring the love for this activity back to each house, each flat and each housekeeping. Ironing should again become a creative activity that entertains the whole family. Using this type of ironing, the artistic project also stimulates man to emancipate.

PEGLA again provides ironing with sociability, joy and happiness... ironing is fun!