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Julia Ellis Burnet Curriculum Vitae
Professional Interests: Archaeology; Forest History & Ecology; Biogeographical 
Creative Activities: Film and Radio Play Script Writing; Song writing; Children’s Story 
Author; Environmental Observations
Time Line:
2015 - “Jeanie from George Street” (Children’s’ story in serial format); “Legend”
2014 - The “Ogg” Stories
2014 “The Peace Park Cats”; “A Bounce Called Ruth”; “Val and the Chook 
2013 Nursery Rhymes for Jonah
2002 “Kye”; “Grandma’s Fire Truck”
1998 “Grandma’s Garden”; “Gidgee Hill”
1993 “Scorpion Season”; “The Cinnabar Bridge” (film scripts)
1988 “Cut Line” (film script)
1986 “Wei Qi” (radio play)
Man”; “Jonah and the Jumbo Pumpkin”